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Landscape Riverside CA

Welcome to Sure Cut Landscape, a premier landscape design company in Riverside County, California. Our team of expert landscape designers have years of experience in creating stunning outdoor spaces that will draw the envy of your neighbors. With our commitment to quality and attention to detail, we guarantee that you'll be satisfied with the end results.


Our mission is to provide our clients with unique outdoor spaces that reflect their personal style and vision. Whether you're looking for a lush garden oasis or a modern stone escape, we can make it happen. We specialize in custom residential landscape design services tailored specifically to the size, shape and features of your yard or property. We can help you create an inviting atmosphere while also making sure it’s easy to maintain so you can enjoy hours of peaceful relaxation without worrying about upkeep.


At Sure Cut Landscape, we work closely with each of our clients to ensure all their ideas and wishes are taken into account when designing their perfect landscape. From large-scale projects such as installing retaining walls and creating new pathways to more intricate details like selecting the best plants for your climate and environment, we’ll make sure your final design is one-of-a-kind.


We understand how important it is for homeowners in Riverside County to create landscapes that are both beautiful and functional at the same time. That’s why our team takes special care to use materials that are low maintenance and highly durable so they can stand up against harsh weather conditions common in Riverside CA. Some popular materials used in landscape designs include pavers, stones, gravel and mulch – all of which are available at an affordable price through Sure Cut Landscape.


If you’re looking for creative solutions or just need some professional advice on how best to utilize your outdoor space, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today! Our team will be happy to discuss all your landscaping needs in detail so you get the exact look you want without breaking the bank. Contact us now for more information about our landscaping services in Riverside CA or visit for a free consultation!

Sprinkler System by Design

Every home needing a sprinkler system is designed with accurate, mathematical calculations to operate correctly with the water pressure given for that particular property. Parts used such as nozzle selection, sprinkler spacing, thickness and dimension of PVC pipe are all factors that play into creating a water-wise design for your lawn. If it is not designed correctly, you could have over watering leading to several unappealing brown patches in your lawn. You may also experience higher than necessary water bills. On the other hand, if under calculated you won't receive the water coverage needed. The Results are your lawn turning yellow, dying in certain areas.

It is always a wise idea to hire a licensed, landscape contractor.

  • Lawn Service Maintenance

  • Sod Installation 

  • Sod - Lawn Repair

  • Fertilize & Soil Amending

  • Minor Tree Work, Plant Install

  • Drip System Repair & Install

  • Sprinkler System Repair & Install

  • Main-Line Install & Repair

  • General Yard Clean-Ups

  • Fire Prevention Brush Clearing


  • Landscape Renovations

  • Water Wise Landscaping

  • Mulch, Bark, Rock Installation

  • Decomposed Granite (D/G)

  • Brick Paver or Stone Walkways

  • Landscape Curbing

  • Stack Stone Retainer Walls

  • Garden Ponds

  • Waterless Ponds

  • Landscape Lighting


Our Monthly Lawn Maintenance Service Area Covers:

Riverside - Including: Orangecrest, Woodcrest, Jurupa Valley,

Mira Loma, Eastvale, North Corona, and Moreno Valley

Basic Care Service ~ Starting at $80 per month

Weekly: Mow, Edge and Blow Clean

Premier Care Service ~ Call for Free Estimate

Weekly: Mow, Edge, Blow Clean,

Planters & Bushes Trimmed as needed, Fertilize Quarterly


Executive Care Service ~ Call for Free Estimate

Full Weekly Service: Mow, Edge, Blow Clean,

Planters and Bushes Trimmed as needed,

Fertilize Quarterly, Remove and Spray Weeds as needed,

Irrigation System Check Quarterly or Twice a Year.

Size of Property Determines Price

All Lawn Care Packages are Performed on a Weekly Basis

and billed monthly with a One Year Contract.

We are Fully Licensed, Bonded & Insured.

CA LIC - 879600

Sprinkler System Check-Up and Repair by Sure Cut Landscape Services, Riverside


Sprinkler System

Check for Repairs

Click for Details

Your Landscape or Irrigation projects can be created with a visual 3D design by taking a photo of your home. Are you renovating your entire landscape, adding a sprinkler system, walkways, water features, or creating that ultimate outdoor living space? Sure Cut Landscape Services, Inc. has current technology and tools to create site plans that are both professional and accurate.
Sure Cut Landscape Services, Hire Us and Have No Mow Worries
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